Blawg Review #242: The Age of Illumination

These days I don’t always get around to religiously reading Blawg Review every week – but I’m glad I took the time to read Ron Coleman’s Blawg Review #242 hosted at Likelihood of Confusion.

In the past I often submitted blog posts to the editor – but have gotten out of the habit. Ron’s post reminded me of the importance of keeping this blogging carnival tradition alive. I’m glad that Blawg Review has survived the onslaught of the 140 character micro-blawg post (aka legal tweet).

Blawg Review #242 is an eloquent Chanukah edition containing an insightful look at the whys of blogging (especially for those of us who have been doing this for years). Ron provides a glimpse at the current state of law blogging and what the future may hold. He leaves us with this wonderful thought.

“It’s the Age of Illumination. A light in every window. A blawg for every shingle. Photons and pixels souring across the either, generating, light yes! Fluorescent, halogen, you name it; sparkling, illuminating all . . . Generating light . . but no heat.”

As past host of Blawg Review (Edition #97) and Grand Rounds (Grand Rounds 3.5) I understand the time and effort put into digesting and creatively weaving together the posts from the week. Incredible job Ron – thanks for giving me the pleasure of reading your post.