WV Medicaid Redesign Program: New Report Examines The Mountain Health Choices Program

A new report prepared by West Virginia University researchers examines the the Mountain Health Choices Program, one of the two redesigned West Virginia Medicaid plans to target improving the long-term health of West Virginia Medicaid beneficiaries through engaging beneficiaries to become more involved in their health care.

Today’s Charleston Gazette reports on the release and outcome of the report. The Gazette describes the program as follows:

“The program created a two-tier system in which people who agreed to sign pledges committing them to certain behaviors like visiting the doctor more frequently were enrolled in an enhanced plan with more perks than traditional Medicaid offered. Those who didn’t sign the agreements are enrolled in a basic plan, with fewer benefits than traditional Medicaid.”

The report, Mountain Health Choices Beneficiary Report – A Report to the West Virginia Burea for Medical Services was released this week at the West Virginia Health Improvement Institute meeting. The report was prepared by the Bureau of Business and Economic Research.