How Much Education is Needed to Become a Neurosurgeon?

The Road to Neurosurgery

Neurosurgeon Careers in the Medical Field Are Few Of The Most Arduous A Journey To Undergo; Filled With Numerous Education And Years of Training The education required to practice this discipline is highly rigorous and long, demanding a commitment of both abundant precision and attention with the nervous system.

Undergraduate Education

The Initial Step to Become A Neurosurgeon Since there is no set specific major, many students interested in becoming neurosurgeons tend to pursue degrees within biology or chemistry and neuroscience. The process usually takes about 4 years, provided that you keep up your grades while applying to be as competitive a candidate as possible for medical school.

Medical School

Next, students take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) in order to apply for medical school. Medical School This is a four-year program that results in either an MD (Doctor of Medicine) or a DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine). Students follow a split curriculum that includes classroom-based learning in the biomedical sciences as well as clinical rotations where they acquire hands-on experience across different areas of medicine.

Residency Training

The neurosurgeon-to-be then enters a residency in that field, which is one of the longest training periods among all medical specialties. This typically takes 7 years of duration to complete a residency program. This 7-year residency training provides an in-depth understanding - surgical and non-surgical means of diagnosis, treatment and management of neurological disorders.

SR Fellowship (in any Sub-specialty)

Although not required, many neurosurgeons decide to complete a fellowship post residency for further specialization in pediraticneurosurgery, spine surgery or neurovascular surgery. Most fellowships are one to two years in length and provide advanced experience with specific techniques or treatments.

Board Certification

Because you do have to pass a pretty tough exam afterwards to become board certified with ABCS, which tests not only your neurosurgical knowledge but is also practical surgery. Board certification is an essential aspect of showing that neurosurgeons have performed the necessary learning and practical requirements before they can practice autonomously,

Lifelong Learning

Neurosurgery is an ever-evolving sub-specialty of health care, medicine and surgery. When it comes to the duties and responsibilities of a neurosurgeon, one thing is clear - as an individual holding certification, there are certain education requirements that must be generally met.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Brain Surgeon The entire journey from pursuing an undergraduate degree up until the completion of residency may clock in at around 15 years or more and that is without taking into account any additional specialization. how many years to become a brain surgeon


First and foremost, becoming a neurosurgeon is not easy - it comes with years of education and training. Neurosurgeons require this dedication, unfortunately only in service to the preparation of neurosurgery for complex operations and great patient care. Those who are willing and able to embark on this arduous process will be breaking new ground in the medical science world, helping shape key outcomes of tomorrow's neurosurgery field.

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